Property Management

Our operators follow your instructions and your clients always receive consistent and timely service.

We are here 24/7/365

We record all the calls

We are unbiased

We report on all calls and keep a record.

We don’t have any issues with any tenant and can handle every call consistently.  Should issues come up we are able to say with certainty that the tenant did or did not call in to report an issue.

We can call out pre-qualified service industries (plumbers, electricians, elevator repair) to attend.

We monitor elevators so the building owner meets the government regulations.

We can take calls 24/7 in French and handle up to 170 other languages through a translation service.

We have a secure Web Portal where you can actually listen to all the calls we take on your behalf and the messages we take etc.


Types of Calls we handle on an everyday basis

   – Rental inquiries
   – Contractors (Electrical, Heating, Cooling, Plumbers)
   – Appliance break downs.
   – Damage to vehicles
   – Hot water heater issues
   – Lost keys
   – Parking info and parking passes
   – Snow removal
   – General maintenance calls
   – Noise complaints
   – Emergency and non-emergency calls
   – Etc. Etc.


Some Property Management companies pay their people every day to be on call and pay them extra when they take a call.

It is quite possible that the cost of us providing an answering service would be less than the “on-Call” pay.

Quality of Life

If the person who is on call is getting multiple calls at some point it becomes a quality of life issue for them.

And if they get worn down and quit it becomes a cost issue for the company where the company has to hire new staff to replace them, train them etc.

If we take the calls the on-site manager doesn’t and is happier doing their job.

Homestead Land Holdings Limited has utilized Northern Communications Services Inc. for approximately the last 2 years. We consider them a valued service provider and they have been instrumental in assisting Homestead Land Holdings Limited in reducing the after-hours calls to our building staff, allowing them to get much-needed rest and enjoyment of their time off.

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Scott Topping

Chief Operatin Officer, Homestead Land Holdings Limited

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