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Northern Communications provides anonymous answering services to Crime Stoppers Programs, law enforcement agencies and school boards across North America 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.  With tri-lingual (English, French, Spanish) staff, as well as a translation service for over 170 languages, callers are always able to converse with our Operators in their language of choice.

Our organization has been offering Crime Stoppers Tip answering services for over 20 years.  Our Operators all pass through an extensive background screening process, are knowledgeable about the Crime Stoppers Program, receive specialized training on how to work with Tipsters to get the best information possible and are experienced with tip management software.

We understand that the anonymity of your Tipsters is critical.  All calls taken by our Operators are kept confidential. If a call comes in with a Caller ID our system is programmed to delete that information so that it is not retrievable and never displayed.  We never record the audio of tip calls to avoid the possibility that someone may recognize a Tipster’s voice.

Northern Communications is able to assist your Program by taking tips that are called in when your Coordinator is not available as well as monitor your web and mobile tips when your office is closed.

Instant Hotline

The first 18 hours is when a police hotline is the most active. We can assist by setting up an Instant Hotline to help relieve the pressure on 911 Operators when a case has been put out to the media for assistance from the public. We can set this line up immediately and there is an option for it to include an anonymous reporting option.

Our Operators are provided with specialized training so that they are familiar with the case and the investigator’s needs.

If the hotline is required for a longer period of time, we are able to customize a weekly or monthly rate to accommodate your budget.

Ethics Line

The Ethics Line is a confidential service that Crime Stoppers Programs can offer to commercial business in their communities that are seeking an anonymous (third party) mechanism for employees to report criminal activity and acts of wrongdoing taking place in their workplace.

The following activities can be reported:

  • Bribery
  • Bullying
  • Corruption
  • Drug/Alcohol Use
  • Embezzlement
  • Fraud
  • Misappropriation
  • Money Laundering
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Theft of Equipment
    …and much more

The Ethics Line allows companies to control their investments by providing a service to take information on issues costing them money.


This fundraiser all starts with a Board Member/Volunteer speaking to a business about the Ethics Line and having them ask for more information. Your Board Member/Volunteer provides the contact information for the individual they spoke to at the business to Northern Communications and we take it from there. If the business signs up for an Ethics Line your Crime Stoppers Program will receive 30% of the monthly revenue.

Telephone Services

Northern Communications also provides telephone services that can help reduce your costs. If interested in telephone services, please contact us.

Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

Northern Communications can provide you with services for your PREA (Sec. 151.51, 151.54) compliance needs. All of our Operators pass an extensive background screening process and are knowledgeable on PREA standards and requirements. With tri-lingual (English, French, Spanish) staff, as well as a translation service for over 170 languages, callers are always able to converse with our Operators in their language of choice. For inmates that are deaf, hard of hearing or those with speech-impairment, IP Relay service is available to contact your PREA hotline.

Set Up of Hotline

We are able to quickly establish a toll-free anonymous hotline and customized protocol. We offer flexible service contracts to fit your needs.

Our technology is second to none. We have power and data backups in addition to the strongest security and firewalls available. We understand the sensitive nature of the information being reported and we will work tirelessly to make sure that it is protected and delivered securely.


We provide you with an anonymous reporting line and your agency will establish exactly how we deliver your reports of sexual abuse, harassment and cases of neglect. We are also able to provide your PREA Coordinator with stats, customized reports and feedback.

Promotion of PREA

PREA standards require that the hotline be available to inmates, staff and the public. Once your agency has completed the simple set-up with Northern Communications, you can begin promoting the hotline to your inmates, staff and community (Section 115.54)

Posters – full color posters are available to display within the premises (near phones, bathrooms, common areas, etc.)

Inmate Handouts – Business card sized handouts are available for inmates to keep in their possession at all times with your unique PREA phone number and instructions on when to call the hotline.


Northern Communications offers open communication 24/7, 365 days a year.

While PREA standards are very clear, each agency must apply their own preferences, needs and procedures. We understand that your PREA Compliance Plan is a work in progress and will work closely with your PREA Coordinator to ensure that the hotline works seamlessly into your plan.

We want to hear from you. Tell us what is working, what changes are needed and what you would like to improve.

For more information on how Northern Communications can assist you with your PREA Compliance please contact us at or 866-414-8889.

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