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More than just an answering service!


Northern911  offers a world class monitoring service  for emergency services (911, V911), home and enterprise security alarms and telematics. 

True Steel Security

True Steel is the largest alarm installation company in Northern Ontario. They install alarms in residential and commercial locations as well as cameras, card access systems and a lot more!

CareLink Advantage

Are you concerned about a loved one who is living alone? Are they eating properly are they sleeping properly? Are they wandering outside of their home when they shouldn’t be? Are they taking the right medication when they should be? And perhaps the biggest concern of all…are they up and about and okay as they should be, or have they had a fall?

You should not have to worry about any of this! We have helped thousands of caregivers take care of these issues and many more allowing their loved ones to continue to live at home independently. Some health authorities cover the cost of Carelink Advantage. Stop worrying. Keep Mom or Dad safer and living in their home where they want to be.

Available all days at 1-866-876-7401 /


This is the best 24 Hour Emergency Medical Response available. At the touch of a button our trained dispatchers are on-line with you and help is on the way!


CAM-X is the national trade association for Message Handling / Order Taking / Emergency Dispatch / Call Centre businesses whose members are united by common goal - the continued growth and prosperity of the telephone messaging industry.


ATSI is an international trade association established in 1942 by and for entrepreneurs in the TeleServices business. 

They are, and are proving to be, the largest and most reliable Internet Service Provider in the Northern Ontario region. And with expansion into the south and VoIP they are a real force to be reckoned with!

A reward of up to $1,000 is offered to anyone providing information which leads to the arrest and charge of anyone who commits a crime. Rewards may also be paid for information leading to the recovery of stolen property, the seizure of illegal drugs or an arrest on an outstanding warrant. Northern Communications supports this worthwhile organization.

UL Canada

Underwriters Laboratories (UL Canada) is part of one of the world's leading standards development, certification and registration organizations in the world.


Sunwire Inc. is a software development firm based in Sudbury, ON. They specialize in mobile apps, custom business applications as well as VoIP telephony solutions.


SolSwitch is a next generation IP phone system, both scalable and programmable. The features available on the SolSwitch are perfectly suited for single or multi site businesses.

Alternative Answers

Alternative Answers is the Crime Stoppers Call Center of choice to handle anonymous TIPS, Whistler Blower or Ethics lines, PREA lines and more. They help make the nation a safer place.

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