Our Timmins team can contact customers via telephone, pager, email, fax or text to cell phone. You decide what's best for your business.


More than just an answering service!

Why hire an answering service?

  • You don't want a full time receptionist but want live answering to calls. 
  • You want live part time reception after hours or during day ( lunch, breaks etc.)
  • You are running a promotion where you expect a surge in calls.
  • You wish to maintain live high quality telephone response during vacations, sick leaves etc.
  • You need a affordable voice mail system for your business. You don't want to purchase expensive equipment to do this.
  • You simply want to save money!

Please call!  We want to help!


More than just an answering service!

Every organization needs to offer its customers a great experience when they call.  Northern Communication Services can provide your callers with professional 24-hour telephone answering services. You can be confident that your firm's business and it's image are protected and enhanced every day of the week!  And you will be amazed at how cost effective our services can be! 

How can we help?

We can answer your telephone on a full time basis and route the calls to appropriate staff in your organization. Or if you prefer, we can send emails, faxes and/or text messages. Combining this with our voice mail recording system allows us to provide a full receptionist function to any organization.  See Virtual Reception for more information on this service.

We can answer your telephone part time in the same manner as above. Our services can be accessed only when your receptionist is unavailable. He/she might be on the other line, on a break, at lunch, or it might be after normal working hours.  Our services can automatically take over so that your clients always receive a live receptionist when they call in.

Any combination of the above.  We like to call it "intelligent answering services".  Tell us how you want your phones to be answered and our experienced call takers, combined with our 'state of the art" equipment will make it happen. We can have different instructions for different employees, departments, or products.  We can "call patch" calls to remote employees,cell phones, or pagers. Almost any way you can think of to have your calls answered can be accomplished!

Call us at 800-461-3317 or 705-673-6888 and ask to speak to a sales rep.
We look forward to speaking with you!

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