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"...We know this business is all about the people that answer the phones. We do our best to supplement them with great technology, but the bottom line is really the quality of the operators.  I don't think any other answering service in North America has as good a record for retaining their people as we do.  We try to give them what they need in order to be successful. But the passion to provide great service really comes from them..." Mike Shantz, VP Operations, Northern Communications

If you're going to be good at the answering service business, you have to have great people. They have to be well trained and experienced, because you never know what is going to happen when you answer a phone.  They need to be flexible so that they can modify their response to meet specific customer needs. Its great if they are multi-lingual and can speak clearly and professionally. And its really terrific if they are courteous and friendly and really care about doing their job really well. 

Take those special qualities, throw them into a mixer, and out would pop one of our NCS operators. We really have great people!  Our operators are Canadian Call Management Association) certified and have been with us for over 15 years on average.  Most are bilingual but they all know how to use our third party translation service (over 170 languages) should they need to.  And as part of our CAM-X membership, random listen-ins are done by the CAM-X experts, and the results are reported back to us.  Our high ranking has allowed us to win the CAM-X excellence award for multiple years!  Outstanding!

We are Site Certified! 24 / 7 Site Certification Program sets forth nearly sixty [60] criteria that need to be met or exceeded. These specifications were designed by the Certification Committee and Dr. Peter DeHaan. They represent a collection of the best practices and guidelines that sites adhere to. Certification status means that we have demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Certification Committee a high level of proficiency in recovery techniques, good business practices, documentation of procedures, and levels of redundancy necessary for 24 / 7 preparedness

Our Supervisors are CAM-X Certified! What that means is that all supervisors have undergone a rigorous training program that focuses on quality and accuracy. This ensures that our customers are being served by highly trained, professional supervisors. It also means that our staff have great leaders mentoring them. In order to comply with the requirements necessary to maintain current Certification status, CAM-X has developed scoring criteria based on individual contribution and on-going training. Adherence to these guidelines ensures that certification skills remain current. Supervisors are required to complete a minimum of 12 credits per year in order to retain Certification status.

We perform ongoing training and team building of our supervisors. Conference calls are good, video conferences are better but being all together in person is the best!

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