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When do you need backup?
You need backup in case your phone service has problems or is undergoing maintenance.

You wish to have a live operator answer calls when all your operators are busy. Or at certain times, you get bursts of calls and don't have the manpower on staff to handle them.

When your phone lines are busy, or after a predetermined number of rings, you wish to have the calls transferred to our live operators. We can watch for an open line, reconnect the customer, or take a message on your behalf!

You don't want to send customers to an answering machine.

Lets talk about this!
Backup Telephone Services 
can give you peace of mind!!



More than just an answering service!

Talking on the telephone is still the primary method by which businesses deal with their clients. So it is extremely important that telephone service is available to your customers at all times. They might not want to leave a message, or call back if the line is busy or not available!

NCS can help!  Our backup telephone services can be customized to deliver exactly the type of hi-quality telephone response that you want your customer to have.  And you can be assured that your calls will always be answered , even in the event of in-house telephone problems or line failures.

How does this work?

The basic mechanism involves setting up the features on your phone system so that it switches  over to NCS when required. This can occur when you lose phone service, when all your lines are busy, or after a pre-determined number of rings. That way, if for some reason, your people can't get to the phone quick enough, ours can!

Our operators will automatically know that the call is coming from your organization. We can take messages, have the customer hold until a line is available, explain to them that there is a problem with the telephone line, or take other action depending on what the exact issue is at the time.  Your customer always gets the benefit of talking to one of our friendly, skilled call takers.

Please call us at 800-461-3317 or 705-673-6888 and ask to speak to a sales rep.
We look forward to speaking with you!

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