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More than just an answering service!

NCS - Built to last!

Northern Communications is built to keep on operating no matter what happens around it! NCS shares the same technology base as its sister company Northern911, Canada's leading emergency services dispatcher. This means that the technology powering NCS is built to the stringent  standards required in the EMS business. Check it out!

NCS customers get the benefit of this! 
Our systems are secure, backed up and available at all times, far beyond what is normal for our industry.  Our customers can feel secure that we will always be there for them!

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More than just an answering service!

Having great people manning the phones is the key to providing exceptional service in the teleservices business. But at NCS we consider ourselves to be more than just an answering service. What helps set us apart from the competition is the great technology that we bundle with our operators. The combination allows us to have lots of  flexibility in our service offerings, and to customize superior solutions for our customers.

Available to be used in conjunction with all our service offerings is our state of the art "web portal".  The software driving the portal allows us to record and store every call that our operators make. It also logs lots of data on things like what they are doing, how long it is taking and who they are talking to. Essentially we track everything that goes on in our operation.

The "web portal" is the interface by which our customers can access this data. Any customer who has internet access, can be set up with the capability of logging into the portal and accessing their information.  Customers can listen to messages, trigger notifications, check schedules or access their account information. Want to know how many calls NCS operators made while calling out after hours personnel? How about how long the calls took, or who finally was contacted?  All of this information is available by using your password and logging in through the web portal. You can even play back the phone calls if you want to!

So when you are looking at partnering with NCS for any of our services, remember that  many of our service offerings are "web enhanced".Our goal is to make the information that you need available to you when you need it, and from anywhere in the world!

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