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More than just an answering service!

Babies like pagers!
At least this little guy does!

One day Mom accidentally locked the keys in the car, with the two boys still inside. Dad was out golfing, had his cell phone in the cart, and couldn't hear it when it rang.  Luckily Mom knew that one of the players in the foursome had a pager, called NCS, and we were able to make contact with him. Keys were delivered and everybody was fine.  True story!  Pagers work!

Let Us Help!
 Paging Services
can help your company!

Northern Communications PAGERS

More than just an answering service!

Pagers are dead, right? Didn't they get replaced by cell phones? Wrong!! Pagers are alive and well and are still used extensively by many organizations. Their primary function is to allow immediate contact to one or more people quickly,efficiently and very cheaply!   Pagers are a proven technology and very reliable. That's why they are used extensively by police, fire and hospital workers!

Some things about pagers you may not know:

  • Pagers are never busy! The message is always delivered. And they often work in areas and     buildings where cell phones won't. 
  • Multiple people can be paged at the same time. They are great for emergency crews or workers in dangerous locations such as labs or factories.
  •  They are inexpensive to use. One low monthly rate allows unlimited use! 
  • The batteries last weeks, not hours!
  • Pagers are a great way for parents to stay in touch with their children, or the babysitter!   Give the daycare your pager number and they can contact you when they need you.
  • Pager use can be combined with many of our other intelligent answering services to provide a custom solution for your organization!

Northern Communications can help! We offer pager services combined with a variety of pager types to meet your specific needs. 

Please call us at 800-461-3317 or 705-673-6888 and ask to speak to a representative.  We look forward to speaking with you!


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