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More than just an answering service!

Is there a doctor in the house? 

One thing about working in medical environments. Emergencies are going to happen and someone is going to have to track down a doctor. Which examination room?  Which surgery? Which cafeteria? On site or not?  Where...?

You might have to call them, Blackberry them, page them, or yell down the hall! But its usually really important. No mistakes allowed.  And you're already busy!

Let Us Help!
Our Doctor Location Services
can fix this problem!!


Northern Communications MEDICAL SERVICES

More than just an answering service!

Everybody strives to deliver great service to their customers.  In a hospital/medical environment, its particularly difficult. Patients need to be scheduled, doctors need to be supported, staff work 24 x 7 shifts... the list goes on. Communication between these groups is key to successful operations.  The room needs to be booked, the doctor needs to be there, the patient needs to show up... all at the same time!

Northern Communications can help!  We offer a wide variety of services that can help smooth the communication between hospital administration, doctors and patients. We can help keep track of and contact doctors, schedule appointments, provide after hours or relief services, or help notify patients of test or appointment times.  All performed by our award winning team of highly trained operators! 

Here are some of our hospital services that you might be interested in:

Call us at 800-461-3317 or 705-673-6888 and ask to speak to a sales rep.
We look forward to speaking with you!

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