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More than just an answering service!

How about Local Customer Service?

Do customers care whether or not they are dealing with a local business?  You bet they do! And when they call for customer service, the last thing they want, is to talk to someone they can barely understand in a call center.

Why not combine our "local telephone number" and our "first level customer service" offerings? You can give top level service from a local telephone number! Your customers will appreciate it!

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Local Telephone Numbers
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Reliabe, Professional, Economical

NCS VoIP Services

Since 1954, Northern Communication Services has been offering call answer services.

In the course of running our business we use thousands of telephone numbers from various locations and multiple suppliers. Through our department Northern911 we offer 911 call routing. In this type of environment we can’t afford any outage and have created a high availability redundant telephone system that is backed up in multiple ways.

We now offer access to this superior telephony platform to you.

In most cases you can keep your existing telephone number.

We simply complete some paperwork and “port” the number from your existing supplier.

In some cases people want a new number and we can supply a local number in many locations across the United States and Canada. Your choice!

Local Lines

Broadband Phone Service is the new way to get local phone service! Instead of using old fashioned copper lines, our phone service works with your high-speed Internet connection and delivers a phone service which is almost identical to your current one. It includes popular features such as:

  • Local Telephone Number
  • Free Voice Mail
  • Free Voice Mail to Email
  • Free Caller ID
  • Free Call Forwarding
  • Free Call Waiting
  • Free Music on Hold
  • Free 3-party conferencing
    • Only $14.95 per month
    • * $0.04/minute long distance

There are four options on how you can obtain service.

1: Purchase a VoIP telephone
Contact us at

We have a number of models to choose from.
Many people chose a Polycom 335.
Great audio and good features.
Includes speaker phone capability.
Polycom 335

2: Use an ATA
Contact us at

ATAATA Diagram

By using an ATA our phone service is also compatible with your current analogue telephones. All you need is a compatible analog telephone adapter (ATA) and a high speed internet connection.

3: Use a free software program on your laptop or computer
Contact us at

With software running on your computer, you can take your phone with you!

4: Simply have us forward your line to an alternative place. *
Contact us at

You get the benefits of a local number and it rings at a location of your choosing. The line only “appears” in our switch and you don’t actually need a phone on your desk.

* Some restrictions and/or different pricing may apply in different coverage areas.


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