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More than just an answering service!

Sometimes keeping track of people can be a big problem?  Take doctors for example. They are busy people and they cover a lot of territory. They might be working at their own practice, at the hospital or at a community clinic. Within those facilities they could be at a number of locations. Some of them may have a cell phone, some a pager, some may rely on land lines. And they are not always where they are supposed to be!

Let us help!  For doctors or other employees who frequently change work locations and often need to be located , our NCS Employee/Doctor Location services are perfect!

How does it work?

It starts with setting up one number that the employee/doctor who needs to be tracked can call at any time to inform an NCS operator of their location or how they can be reached. At the same time a list of numbers for common alternate locations will be created and stored in the NCS database.

When the employee/doctor changes locations, they call their NCS private locator line to let our operators know where they are.  Once we know their location,  our operators will be able to contact the individual should they be needed. If desired, our skilled call takers can also screen the calls in order to make sure that they are appropriate.

When a third party wished to contact the employee/doctor, we will call the last location that has been left with us, contact the individual and deliver the message to them. This could be by cell phone, pager, land line or any other indicated method. 

NCS will stay on the job until the employee or doctor is located. If they are not where they last indicated, our operators will access the alternate location numbers and attempt to find the employee/doctor at one of them. This process will continue until contact is made.

Why not a cell phone?

Cell phones can certainly help but most employees/doctors don't want their cell phone numbers published in every possible location where someone might need to contact them. They want to keep their numbers as private as possible so they don't get calls in the middle of the night or when they are off duty.  Privacy is assured with NCS Location services.  Only our operators have access to the number being used to contact the employee/doctor. Everybody else has to call us first!

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