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More than just an answering service!

Babies like pagers!
At least this little guy does!

One day Mom accidentally locked the keys in the car, with the two boys still inside. Dad was out golfing, had his cell phone in the cart, and couldn't hear it when it rang.  Luckily Mom knew that one of the players in the foursome had a pager, called NCS, and we were able to make contact with him. Keys were delivered and everybody was fine.  True story!  Pagers work!

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Northern Communications PAGER COVERAGE MAPS

More than just an answering service!

Northern Communications provides pager coverage across most of Canada, including many areas where cell phone coverage is not available! See the following maps to see if your area is covered.

Please call us at 800-461-3317 or 705-673-6888 and ask to speak to a representative.  We look forward to speaking with you!


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