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More than just an answering service!


Unfortunately, my mining operation occasionally needs to blow things up. Its what we do. But people living near our mine sites don't always appreciate it! They hear rumbling and sometimes the ground shakes a bit. They wonder what's going on.  They asked if we could let them know in advance of any explosions that might affect them. Great idea! But it takes a long time to notify thousands of households. How can I do this effectively?

Let Us Help!
 Notification Services
can fix this problem!!

Northern Communications Corporate SERVICES

More than just an answering service!

In larger organizations, sometimes things get lost in the shuffle of everyday business. Answering the telephone can quickly become a corporate negative if callers are treated impersonally. Of course, that's not the intent. But the bigger the company, the harder it is to keep that personal touch.  Throw in a multi-level voice mail system that often goes to a recording, and its easy to see customers throwing in the towel and looking elsewhere.
Northern Communications can help! Our virtual receptionist services can give your organization a live operator, day or night!   We feature high quality call handling, screening  and routing performed by bi-lingual professionals using the latest in technology. When  employees need to be contacted or called out, our call out services are available 7x24x365.   We simply load the procedures, call numbers and other information into our data systems and our experienced operators are ready to go. And if you need to review any call that we make, you can.  We record and store all of our conversations!

Here are some of our corporate services that you might be interested in:

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