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More than just an answering service!

NCS Supervisors at a recent training session. NCS operators are required to undergo extensive training in customer service. Only after they pass all required courses are they certified to begin taking calls.

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Alphanumeric Pagers
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Northern Communications ALPHANUMERIC PAGERS

More than just an answering service!

Of all the pager types, Alpha-numeric pagers give you the most flexibility.  When the pager is called , the entire message can be displayed immediately on the screen of the pager. If only the number is sent, then they function as a numeric pager, and the receiver would then call the telephone number they receive. For even more functionality, Alpha-numeric pagers can be combined with voice mail so that longer, audio messages can be left. 

There are some great options you can use with alpha-numeric pagers:

  • Messages can be sent to the pager from a computer.
  • An email address can be assigned to the pager, so that when an email is sent, the pager will sound.
  • Pager service can be combined with NCS Pager Dispatch services. Our professional operators can then take telephone messages and send out full text messages 24 hours a day and on weekends!

Types of Alpha-Numeric Pagers available from NCS:

To find out more please call us 800-461-3317 or 705-673-6888 and ask to speak to a  customer representative.  Thank you so much for your interest in NCS pager products! 

* Please note : NCS only sells pagers in the Canadian marketplace. 

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