Use anti-virus software, and keep it updated.

Use a personal firewall, and keep it updated.

Create strong passwords and change them regularly.

Be aware of deceptive emails, pop-ups, and other online scams

Check the security lock.

Guard your privacy and limit the amount of personal information you share online.

Fraud is always on the move.

Check your online statements frequently.




Securing your data

At Northern Communications we are concerned about the security of our client’s personal information and the consequences to both our clients and their clients should our security be breached.
We handle security for thousands of residents and businesses across the country, 911 calls, medical calls, rape crisis lines, in addition to our regular clients.

Infinity Web Portal allows access to our Call Platform.
Client information, telephone numbers made and received and messages can be seen here.
From a link you can even listen to the audio of the calls.

Sims Web Portal allows access to our Security Alarm Monitoring System
Alarm events, telephone numbers, and more can be seen here.

Unfortunately, security built on static, reusable passwords has proven easy for hackers to beat.
We have secured the sites with RSA to reduce the risk.
RSA SecurID® two-factor authentication is based on something you know (a password or PIN) and something you have (an authenticator)—providing a much more reliable level of user authentication than reusable passwords.

For access to our Infinity Web Portal and our Sims Web Portal in addition to the regular name and password we also require a Security Token as issued by our RSA system.

Security Enhanced services
When you point your browser to either web site you will see a RSA sign on screen displayed.
You look to your token and input the number. This number changes every sixty (60) seconds.
You then complete your log in in the usual fashion with your regular name and password.
What this means is that the hackers have to try every combination possible within sixty seconds to break in.

Highly unlikely.

RSA Tokens come in three varieties

  1. Hardware Token which is like a key fob.
  2. Software token which can reside on your computer or smart phone.
  3. On demand token which e-mails the secret number at the time you request it.

Description: Description: cid:image001.png@01CC0678.3B6C0980

Description: cid:image005.jpg@01CC07E5.E55E27C0


On Demand
The system sends you a Simple e-mail
On-Demand Tokencode: 90226947
Expires after use or 60 minutes

A keyfob gives you a tokencode. You need to provide the passcode (your PIN + the tokencode)
A software token will ask you to enter a PIN before it gives you the passcode. You need to provide the passcode. (You only need to enter this code)
An On-Demand gives you a tokencode. You need to provide the passcode (your PIN + the tokencode)


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