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The International TIP number (800) 222-TIPS Northern Communications

About The International TIP number (800) 222-TIPS

Crime Stoppers is moving to become an internationally recognized brand. Multiple countries support the number (800) 222-8477 also shown as (800) 222-TIPS In today's day and age tipsters may watch internet TV, Satellite TV, news casts from different areas etc. If they watch the news from one area and they are in another area we all want them to call and leave a Tip no matter where they are. If all programs use (800) 222-TIPS the tip taking process will be easier for the Call Takers and the Tipster. Collectively we will receive more tips and have a safer community.

An analogy in the US is the number used to call for Emergency services. In the old days there were a variety of different numbers and a mixture of ten digit and toll free numbers etc. Now it is pretty much universal. If you need help, you call 911 no matter where you are.

The USA Crime Stoppers association and the Canadian association support a single number and are looking to move to this same type of international recognition. If you want to report a crime no matter where you are call (800) 222-TIPS!

The Federal government is considering the concept of providing increased funding assistance to the Crime Stoppers programs. One of their requirements is an international number.

There is the possibility of a TV show much like America's Most Wanted in the works. They can't say call this number in New York, this number in LA, and this number in Springfield, etc. If the show happens they need a national number to display at the end of the show.

Alternative Answers sister company Northern Communications recognizes the difficulty in transitioning to a national number. If your board has been using a different number for years then there will be notifications, documents, billboards up, pens and coffee cups etc. in your community advertising your existing number. Northern in working with the national Crime Stopper office has a transition program in place. If you start to use the national number (your cost only $14.95 plus usage) then Northern will port your existing number and provide the number to you for a year at no cost.

If we all support the Crime Stoppers brand and use the national number more TIPS will be received, more crimes will be solved and your community will be a safer place. Click here to make an inquire on the transition plan.

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